Linda Uan was born Butarutari – the northern island of the Kiribati group. After completing high school, she married and moved to New Zealand where she managed various enterprises including a camping ground, dairy, restaurant and a 10-acre sheep farm.

After 10 years she returned to Kiribati and worked as a Pre School Teacher back on her home island. She then got a job as Health Educator to carry out community workshops on child survival throughout the Kiribati archipelago.

In 1997 Linda formed a Partnership with John Anderson, a New Zealand film maker, and set up Tabera Ni Kai Video Unit (NTNK) which has produced more than 200 productions – in both English & I-Kiribati, and is very much a household name in Kiribati. The name Nei Tabera Ni Kai comes from a traditional female totem with a special interest in women’s health issues, and success in courtship.

The Unit – an NGO – provides community development & educational resources to all the scattered island communities. Topics include community development, social, gender equity, children’s rights, cultural, health, environmental, governance, and tourism promotion. Because of low literacy skills the use of DVD & Video is a much more effective communication resource than paper, and generators are in every community. In 2000 NTNK produced the Kiribati component of the Live Millennium broadcast with APTN, BBC & NHK to an audience of 3 billion worldwide. Apart from its local production work, NTNK currently acts as liaison for International media

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