Maria Tiimon is a daughter of Tiimon and Baneawa. She was brought up on Beru Island one of the Southern islands in Kiribati. Her parents are both from Beru, Nonouti, Nikunau,Tamana and Arorae islands.

She now resides permanently in Australia, and works as Pacific Outreach Officer for the Pacific Calling Partnership at the Edmund Rice Centre in Sydney. Her role includes raising awareness in schools and communities of how climate change is affecting Pacific islands and building a strong relationship between the Australians and Pacific Islanders in order to work together to combat climate change.

Through the Marist Missionary Sisters of the Society of Mary, Maria lived and worked in the Solomon Islands, Australia, New Zealand, the USA, and Jamaica.

Maria has represented the Pacific Calling Partnership overseas e.g. in 2009 she attended a Human Rights Lawyers’ conference on climate change in the UK where she presented the human face of climate change. She was a member of the PCP delegation that went to the UN Conference on climate change in Copenhagen in December 2009, and again to the one in Cancun in December 2010. Maria is determined to fight for the rights and justice for her own people of Kiribati and other Pacific Islands that have been and will be continued to be affected by climate change.